A Great Puzzling Expectation

Many moons ago a relative brought me a box set of puzzles at the beginning of the year-it had a dozen of the worlds most famous monuments. I decided then that I would complete all of the 12 of puzzles by the end of that year, I was about 9/10 at the time so it was slow pickings trying to make the puzzle, each puzzle had 500 pieces and it was quite a tough challenge for mini me.

I remember trying to complete the famous Giza pyramids puzzle, I did the border and then I became frustrated because all the pieces were a similar shade of yellow/blue. I promptly left that puzzle and moved onto a puzzle far close to home and which was more familiar-London’s Tower Bridge. Once again I completed the border and then became lost in the midst of the puzzles pieces of bricks and water.

I became fed up with the puzzles and my young mind became preoccupied by other wonders of the pre teen world-High School Musical. I fell in the trap of pre teen TV heaven that was Disney Channel (ahh Zac Efron my first crush!) Fast forward almost a decade, the puzzles were left uncompleted and ended up being thrown away since my mum doesn’t like ‘riff-raff’ in the house.

I have an odd feeling of trying to complete a puzzle again. At least my 18 year old mind won’t become easily distrac-oh look a butterfly!!!