I like big books and I cannot lie

So for 2015 I have decided to embark on a challenge to read 52 books and so far I have read a grand total of… THREE books in two months, (whoopsie daisy looks like I’m slacking a little).

At first I thought reading 52 books in a year would be a piece of cake considering I enjoy reading books. But the truth is I guess I don’t devote enough time to read these days. As a kid I loved reading, I spent many, many afternoons reading away, off in another world and making occasional appearances in the real world to forage for food. I suppose partly growing up is to blame since I have to spend time studying and not to mention I spend a great deal of time watching plenty of TV shows and playing tons of video games.

The three books I have read so far are:

Animal Farm by George Orwell 5/5

I remember being forced to read this book in year 7, back then I had no care for politics and history and I wouldn’t have known who Stalin was even if he punched me in the face. I remember hating the book, thinking it was stupid how the pigs acted like humans and I thought the story was boring. Fast forward seven years and now I am somewhat more knowledgeable than my 11 year old self, I absolutely adore the book. I love how Orwell showed at the start the whole farm was united against humans and how they were able to revolt and take over the farm. But eventually the pigs went against their original ideas of denouncing human habits and instead at the end they started to walk on two legs, lived in the farm house and acted just like humans. Even though it is a very short book I know for sure it’s a book I will reread many more times in the future.

The Stranger by Albert Camus 3/5

I have been meaning to read this book for a little while now. The book overall for me was an okayish read, although it was thought provoking at times I just didn’t develop any feelings for the main character and I didn’t particularly care for what happened to him. Maybe if I was fluent in French I’d appreciate the book more. Perhaps one day in the future I may reread the book to see if my feelings change but in all honesty I probably won’t reread it considering there’s so many books I’d like to read first.

The Miserable Mill (A Series of Unfortunate Events #4) by Lemony Snicket 

I read this many moons ago (approx 8/9 years ago) but considering I forgot the bulk of what happens it was nice to reread it since I never actually finished reading the entire series. It’s a very easy read and I read it on my Kindle in the mornings on my daily bus ride. Maybe it’s the nostalgia from my childhood which makes me feel like the book is great. But for those who still have that little child within themselves and enjoy a little bit of fun then this series is definitely worth reading.


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