I haven’t posted as much as I wanted to when I first made my WordPress account. I had all these brilliant ideas about how I’d regularly post and interact with millions across the globe. I guess my blog needs to be nurtured and loved rather than being abandoned in the dark depths of the internet. I don’t really have much to say (well nothing of interest really), I have nearly a dozen draft posts in the pipeline but I’ve never bothered finishing them and posting them online. 

It’s funny how when I’m busy I have a list of a millions things to do once I’m free, but now since it’s the summer holidays I cannot be bothered to do said million things. I bet as soon as I’m swamped under work again I’ll have great ideas to carry out once I’m free but no doubt when I’m free I’d just do 1/10th of whatever plans I made. 

The good thing is that I’ve had a lot of time to think about everything and anything but I feel like I should do something worthwhile with my time instead of spending all my free time split between Netflix and playing games on the PS3. I guess I’ll start volunteering again soon and I also really need to get a move on all the books I plan to read as well.


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