Live Love Laugh

The great thing about being incapable of fear is that the future wouldn’t frighten me; the impending deaths of loved ones or the possibility of not achieving my goals wouldn’t make me squirm at the thought. I wouldn’t be scared of roller-coasters or heights or even trying new obscure foods. I wouldn’t fear the unknown or oblivion. I guess you can say I won’t fear fear itself as well as my own approaching death. Whether I’d be happy being fear less is another matter entirely.

I guess I’d be happy that when cornered by a spider/moth I wouldn’t scream bloody murder and I’d be able to exterminate said creepy crawlies without any hesitance. But what kind of life would I live without fear? Fear is apart of the parcel of life and without the scares,sadness and shocks we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the smiles,laughter and joy. Without the low points how could we possibly acknowledge the highs?

Without fear I for one would be grateful that I could stare my mother in the eye and tell her that I’ve eaten snacks before dinner since I wouldn’t be afraid of her temper. But a problem which would ensue is that World War III would no doubt commence… So I guess fear is a good thing after all!

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