The End Is Nigh

Next Friday I will be a free woman-my last A Level exam will be over and hopefully university will beckon me this September.

I don’t have many plans for this summer apart from going out a few times with friends. I like the fact that I’ll be letting the chips fall way they may. It’s a nice feeling not having weeks in advance booked with X,Y and Z. I’m sure the boredom will make me want to pull my hair out within a week or two though.

I guess my summer will consist of me trying to get a part time job, reading books,watching TV series and films. As well as going out and having a fun time with friends and family.

It’s worrying that I’ll only have a handful of free summers left-soon enough I’ll be entering the rat race that is work. Clocking in at 9 and clocking out at 5 followed by the mad rush to get home. For what? To pay the bills? Buy some fancy clothes? To able to go on an exotic holiday? For me it’s scary thinking about the future because there will be good and bad times coming up-that’s guaranteed.

But for now I’ll be focusing on the task at hand-watching all the TV series I have lined up for this summer!


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